A Complete Guide On TikTok Advertising To Win Back Your Business

TikTok is the new kid on the social media platform. Until recently, TikTok works among the Gen Z audience. As TikTok gains momentum beyond the Gen-Z groups, advertisers are starting to develop their TikTok advertising methods. 

When you review, TikTok has had over 1.5 billion application downloads and gather 500 million active users every month for practical reasons. 

Thus, the TikTok platform has now established different advertising formats to support your brands to reach their audiences within the network. In this post, we’ll evaluate the step by step procedure for TikTok advertising. 

Working On TikTok Advertising

TikTok is one of the perfect advertising chances for brands. Its already existing active user base exceeded Snapchat and Twitter. TikTok is not overloaded with ad campaigns than other social media platforms because it’s a new and relatively little-famous advertising method. 

During the 2019’s TikTok released a beta version of its advertising platform as then more prominent brands like Apple Music, and Nike have applied TikTok advertising methods to promote their services or products with unique and entertaining ads. 

TikTok advertising provides specialized formats and focusing options that help you access one of the most profitable and more challenging methods to reach user groups that are Gen-Z users when used efficiently. Still, TikTok advertising is not perfect for every company or brand. 

Target Audiences On TikTok Ads

If the brand’s primary target audiences are Gen-Zers, then TikTok advertising can capably prove as a perfect investment. 66% of TikTokers are under 30 years, and 41% of users are between 16 to 24. Likewise, several trending videos on TikTok are similar to the younger niches, like high-school concepts, homework, and relationships. 

It’s essential to remember that several social media platforms focus on popularity. Initially beginning with younger users, and then enlarging to other audiences. Hence even if advertising on TikTok is not appropriate for you right now, it’s a perfect plan to study the methods so you can be ready. 

Different Types Of TikTok Ads

TikTok also provides ad campaigns that go over just standard video ads. To employ this ad format, you need to choose a massive budget and work with a TikTok account manager. The ad campaign option is comprehensively below.

Brand Takeover: A larger-format ad that displays when the users enter the app. It is limited to one advertiser every day. 

Hashtag Challenge: This ad campaign primarily targets to make viral user-generated content(UGC) by posting a video with a unique dance or challenge format. To headstart your profile with higher exposure of real fans for your videos, you need to buy TikTok fans that improve your organic growth massively. Also, it motivates other users to take part in the challenges. It is a fascinating format based on the difficulties themselves, and the advertisement can be subtle or straightforward as you make it. 

Advertising Forms On TikTok

TikTok provides two primary forms for advertising your video content. Let us take a perfect look at which one would be ideal for your brands and business. 

Biddable Ads

TikTok’s biddable ads let you bid on ad space within the social media network. It is the only self-service pattern and presently available for advertisers. At the moment, the bid is manually working on the profile, and it is not a programmatic advertising process, which is on working just like Google Ads.

Biddable ads let you bid to place your video ads in the platform’s main page feeds. There are three different pricing models:

  • CPC 
  • CPM
  • CPV

You can presently focus your ads by gender, age, and demographic. We wish that there will be conduct and like focusing options within the forthcoming. Also, you can make customized followers. 


Brands are striving to outdo their ideas for marketing today with new every campaign. They are just searching for new avenues to target their innovative TG, and they are ranging from the home out ads to the relation of public, from the social media network to the ads on cinemas. Such as mass one reaches the avenues that are social media, is the opportunities in worldwide, and with the new age of apps like Snapchat and Facebook and now TikTok, brands able to go further of their agendas of marketing and also meet their targeted customer or users where they are active mostly. All records are broken by TikTok within the launch of the year, even being upon a topic of controversy. It had garnered more than 1.2 billion downloads and becomes the 2019’s one of the most downloadable apps in both the Google Play store and the iOs App store.

Every day, we discover that over half of the users on this platform are Gen Zers, who will form a majority of the world population portion by 2030. Brands like OLx, Flipcart, Chanel, Clean and Clear, Calvin Klein, Center Fruit are taking on the globe of TikTok by just creating challenges based on Hashtag to create the awareness, encourage the creation of the content that is generated by the user which will garner the billion of views for them, and engage the users. Every user on this platform is the content creator or a consumer. The video content published on the app ranges from cooking videos to dance videos or the acting of influencers on the screen to make the short formats of the story. The platform has created the ecosystem that immerses the influencers and influences them to take part in one way or the other.


Before planning the campaign on TikTok, a must understand the need for creating the attack on the platform. We look at the platform from the perceptive of marketing. We can see that the offer given by it.if you have more fan followers for your account, your campaign will reach a high level, so buy Tiktok fans.

  1. Reach to tweens, teens, millennials
  2. Niche audience 
  3. With the information, it will blend the entertainment seamlessly
  4. Through Hashtags, we can get organic visibility
  5. And also in the advertising world, there is the lowest saturation
  6. You can get more engagement with the high content


One of the world’s fastest-growing social media platforms which presents a version with an alternative of online sharing is TikTok. TikTok allows the users to create videos with a short duration with filters, music, and also some other features. It is addictive even though it is cringing sometimes and sometimes funny. TikTok is a platform where users can be provided by the creative platform to express themselves. For sharing and creating short videos, the Android and ios media app name TikTok. TikTok initially launched in 2016 September as Douyin for outside marketers of China. Both Douyin and TikTok use the same software. To comply with the restrictions of Chinese censorship, each has to maintain the network separately. Vis the Google Play stores and App store all around the world TikTok is available. Many of you have doubts why sound in terms of what you do within the app TikTok is similar to Musical.ly. Because the parent company of TikTok is purchased by Musical.ly. 


TikTok exploded in popularity within the three years of its launch. Worldwide 500 million users actively use TikTok. TikTok is the 9th most popular media in terms of social networking sites, ahead of better-known sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Buy TikTok views and become popular among the most popular apps. The more interesting fact is out of 500 million daily active users, 150 million users are in China; they mostly use the app’s Chinese version name Douyin. By many Asian countries named Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and Cambodia, TikTok enthusiastically welcomed. TikTok achieved the 500 billion active users within the three years of its launch through Instagram took the same active monthly users within six years of its launch. 


In recent years TikTok is said to be the most downloaded app in the world. In a single year in 2019, the Google Play store and the App store marks the one billion and 1.5 billion downloads. As recently on 2019 February, the app has reached its first one billion downloads. And gain half a billion more within just eight months. From 2019 January to November, the latest statistics show the TikTok app downloaded 614 million times. TikTok is more prevalent among iPhone users rather than Android.

How To Get More heartss On TikTok?

When the whole world wants to be admired, when the whole world needs to be recognised and when the whole world seems to be full of talents, we tend to recreate our existence. Almost all the youths are on TikTok. TikTok has more than a billion users. People use it for amusement. The popularity matters a lot to passionate users. If you do not have money to buy TikTok hearts and want to know how to get more famous and gain more heartss on TikTok, you must go through the points discussed below.

  1. Adding tags to the videos that you upload would make you increase the number of heartss on your video. The more the views the more would be the heartss. But to have more viewers, you would need more exposure. It can be exposed by adding tags that are trending at the time of the upload of the video.
  2. Looking attractive is the fundamental rule for being heartsd more. Humans love aesthetics. The way you present yourself should be attractive enough to attract the viewers as well as the heartss of TikTok.
  3. Take enough time to create a video. Do not just shoot it and put it there. The best content needs more time. Take more shots and work upon the best one. Use technical tools if possible to enhance the video. It will bring you more heartss.
  4. Always try to share your videos on other social sites. TikTok has more than one billion users across the world. They must also be on other sites as well. Your videos would reach the viewers and you will get more heartss as a result. Through your shared links the person would land on your page and it is most probable that you will get heartss.
  5. You should stick to one niche. You must make videos on a single thing. You cannot do anything. Creating a canon of videos would make you rich with heartss. It is the best long-term strategy.
  6. Several websites sell TikTok heartss. Few give it for free. One can buy TikTok likes from an online store. It is a short cut method to increase heartss. It is legal.

The number of heartss on your TikTok video determines the level of your popularity. It also motivates you to upload more videos. It can even make you rich. The thing is to know how to increase your heartss in long as well as short term. Once you master that, you are the winner.