1. Reels are the short video form with three seconds to the fifteen seconds
  2. Reels appear in the new tab for reels on your profile.
  3. You can add Reels to your stories and your regular feed.
  4. Reels can record as a single chip, and it can be stitched together later from more than one clips or multiple clips.
  5. You can upload Reels from your gallery or camera roll, or otherwise, you can record within the camera of Reels.
  6. Reels are designed only for mobile devices.
  7. The portrait mode of Reels are 9:16
  8. Do not go to the app store for finding the Reels application because Rels is the inbuilt feature of Instagram.

Instagram stories and Instagram reels are the same, even though they are not the same as each other. You can find the Reels very easily because they are inside the Instagram platform and also because of the bunch of places the reels are displayed. Pretty much you can find the reels anywhere on the app; if you see videos with icons like Reels, those videos are the Reels videos. You can find the watch Reels option in the video’s left lower corner, just like a regular video. The video will open on the big screen if you select the “watch Reels “ option in the Reels platform. Go to the Explore page on Instagram if you want to find a Reels video, then you can see the Reels videos on the top of the page in the large square. By going to someone’s profile, you can find their Reels videos if they have published videos. 


  1. For getting into the camera of reels, just swipe right from the homepage to opening up your Stories camera. At the bottom of the screen, now you can see different options like reels, story, and Live. The Story option is the default one on the app itself so just scroll left to go to the Reels camera.
  2. On the left side of the screen, you can see the navigation tool of the Reels camera. The different types of tools provided for Reels are Timer, Effects, Speed, ad Audio. You do not get the option “audio” if you have a business profile because Instagram has strict restrictions and strict copyright for preventing the use of popular kinds of music by business accounts on Instagram. Get Instagram Reels comments, it will helps your video.
  3. Press and hold the huge shutter button for recording your video. Or otherwise, you can use the hands-free option just by tapping the big shutter button. You can use the Timer feature also for setting the countdown. You can see the countdown from 3 – 2 – 1 after once you tap the shutter button for recording the video. The red bar will stop after you stop recording the video.