For business, IGTV is here. Video is the furthest away from social media and the internet. For the last several years, researchers, analysts, and experts have predicted thta most of the web traffic of the mobile would be video by the year 2020.  Now the video is everywhere. The original video platform was YouTube, but literally, every social media platform is now supporting video; it is less scary and getting more accessible for creators and businesses to jump on the video wagon. 

Snapchat and Instagram Stories eased us all into making videos, only wanting us to put our face in front of the camera for a few seconds at a time. This is ultimate, right. Snapchat and Instagram stories have also been instrumental in vertical hype videos. 

IGTV is not YouTube, and it has its own nuances and quirks. To enjoy the benefits of the IGTV channel, you do not have to have an Instagram business account, and even personal Instagram accounts can create their Instagram TV channel. IGTV will allow you to upload in either horizontal format or vertical format. Get IGTV views to your business and brands. An IGTV icon will appear on your profile next to your Instagram Story Highlights as soon as you upload your first IGTV video. 

People can dive right in and get lost in your IGTV content when they visit your Instagram profile for the first time to decide if they want to follow. Put links to your option in an entire blog post or whatever you wish people to click on the link for more information. This will work on business accounts and personal accounts with any number of followers.


Anyone can link to their Instagram TV videos in their Stories. If you want more likes for your videos, then buy IGTV likes from our service. When you add a segment to Instagram Stories, it may be either video or a photo, and click the icon  “Link,” now, you have two options: pick an IGTV video to send people to or add a URL. 

On the main screen of IGTV, you can scroll over to the section “Popular,” but these only appear to be selected particularly for you by Instagam. IGTV is an excellent chance for you to build your brand, grow your audience, explore your creativity and get closer to your fans. 


  • Descriptions and titles ( IGTV video titles, IGTV video descriptions, clickable links)
  • Stellar video content
  • Share something personal
  • Show BTS (behind the scenes)  of your brands and businesses
  • Interview someone
  • Give a product review
  • Product unboxing
  • Free tips giving
  • Answer frequently answered questions
  • How-tos and tutorials
  • 3. Best audio quality
  • 4. Use applications for editing and creating
  • 5. Custom thumbnails
  • 6. Allow your Instagram Live session live
  • 7. Create a trailer video for the channel
  • 8.  Ask for feedback
  • 9. Distribute, promote, and share

You can use IGTV on your Android, iOS, and Desktop devices. You can view the Insights of IGTV to view the number of comments, likes, or views and the average percentage watched.